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If you’re organizing a once-in-a-lifetime event, you’ll want it to be a day you’ll always remember. We understand how crucial the overall look is to any occasion, and reflect that in the consideration of the lighting we help you choose for your event.

Lighting will transform the look and feel of your venue.  Would you like the ambiance to be soft and romantic? Dramatic? Whimsical? Industrial?  Lighting will create the perfect atmosphere from an elegant cocktail hour to sophisticated dinners to an all night dance party.

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Uplighting - a popular effect and probably the most well known, and most commonly used type of event lighting is “uplighting or wall washes”. Small round or bar type lights are placed up against the wall, evenly spaced all around the room, and giving the space an even 'glow'.  You can choose from an endless array of colors.  Uplighting is a very effective way to dramatically improve the ambience of an event space.

Gobos - Gobo’s are often recognized and used as a custom logo or monogram projected onto the wall or dance floor.  They can also be a pattern that is projected multiple times to cover a large surface area and create texture and drama to your venue. 

String Lights and Cafe Lights - Definitely on trend, string lighting can look very industrial , or a very whimsical.  They can be hung over the dance floor or draped down walls and pillars.

Stage Lighting - For your corporate events stage lighting is critical.  Whether you have a single featured speaker, a dramatic theme setting or a ten piece band, stage lighting will lend itself to a necessary visual opportunity for your guests.

Theme Lighting - Would you like to wander in Central Park in New York with its Three Tier Park Lamps or stroll down a cobble stone Dickens Style walkway with Gas Lamps;  how about looking up at the giant lit Broadway Marquee Sign and see your name in lights or finally making your way in the 70’s Disco night club and see the 3’ mirror ball reflecting all about the dance floor.  These are all examples of Theme Oriented Lighting.  Each era, location and time of day may need a different visual effect to compliment the decor and enhance the visual experience.

Picture Mapping - A new and very exciting type of lighting is called “picture mapping”.  This is done by using a projector, specialized computer software and a unique lens to directly project an image on a very specific surface.  For example, we can project unique diamond patterns on an entire house or long green and yellow festive colors on palm tree trunks.   This allows for incredibly custom design work for each theme event.


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